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Who are we?

Aug X Labs is an AI-driven video technology and publishing startup.


Our mission is to make storytelling more fun, engaging, and entertaining for anyone. Ever wonder why the average teenager can create more videos than the average business?


We are democratizing commercial video creation by making the experience easy and joyful. Our technology transforms words into videos - automatically.


We are a team of builders, continually focused on creating joyful experiences that deliver real, shippable applications and services to the market. In addition to our core product, Augie, we've conducted several Scrimmages, bringing other experiences to life.

The first example of this was the introduction of Moviedle released in April 2022 and has reached over 6 million people worldwide, while also fueling an investment in the company and four additional daily games under the 12:01 Games umbrella. 

Fast forward to October 2022, when we released a new service called PromptLocker, which lets users upload, save, and build an AI Art Library. PromptLocker lets users rank and get feedback on existing images and prompts created by Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Craiyon, and other AI-based generative art platforms.


In January 2023, the company (in partnership with The Jahnel Group), introduced PlayArti, the only promptless AI generator designed for family use.

This is just the beginning for Aug X Labs. More announcements coming soon, so stay tuned!

The Team

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