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What can Augie do for you?

Turn your words into visual stories

Already have your script, narration, or voiceover? Augie automatically listens to the words and find matching clips and footage to bring your story to life!

Enhance your webcam/screen recordings

Want to keep your audience engaged with your presentation? Make it visual by adding picture-in-picture or split-screen effects in seconds. Make your content stand out from a sea of similar talking head videos!

Feed the Daily Algorithms

Whether its TikTok or YouTube Shorts or Instagram, or even LinkedIn and Facebook, all the social media platforms have one thing in common: An algorithm that rewards daily posting. Use Augie to quickly create videos and keep your brand relevant!

Visualize Your Ideas In Minutes

Producing high-quality videos can be very time consuming and costly. Don't waste a second or a penny on expensive rewrites and reshoots. Use Augie to get a rough cut concept in minutes, and maximize your budget!

Use your own or stock content

Augie comes with millions of pieces of stock images, footage, clips, GIFs, and more, all commercially licensed and ready for your video. Or, use your own content, b-roll, sizzle reels and more to make your content stand out!

Add effects and subtitles to your videos

Augie lets you quickly add custom closed captioning and subtitles to your video. Or apply visual filters, create pan-and-scan "Ken Burns effects", or try the new Augie "megaphone" and watch your words fly!