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Beta 1.0

Let us show you around!

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Making your first Augie

All you need to get started is your own voice.

Have a voiceover or narration you want to make a video with? Let’s go.

Need to record one? We got you.

Want to add visuals to an existing video? Consider it done.

Quick thing on uploading content…

AUDIO must be in MP3 or WAV format


VIDEO files must be MP4 or WEBM format

You can also choose how the video is used by default:

  • Video as Audio

  • Video as Picture in Picture

  • Video as Split Screen


**You can always change your mind later when editing**

With your project cleverly titled and file attached, click “Create”. You’ll be sent back to the dashboard while we process the video. Once the video is ready — (currently it takes about 10 minutes to generate the first cut, this will get faster soon!) — refresh the page and click on the Augie to edit!

Making Your First Augie

Customzizing your content

It’s easy to swap out images for new assets. 

See a shot that doesn’t quite fit what you’re going for? It’s easy to swap out for new assets. Click on the shot you want to change, then from the top row of the edit panel, select from one of the three options under Image:

Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at

Generate does exactly that: it generates a brand new image using AI magic. Simply give it a prompt of what you'd like to see, and the robots will draw your idea. For best results, your prompt should be a subject in a style. For example “a beautiful sunset over a beach” or “pencil sketch of robots playing poker.”

Now that you know how to change your shot, it’s time to fine tune the timing itself.

Customizing Your Content

Fine Tune Your Timing

Looking to adjust when each shot pops in?

If you'd like to shorten or stretch any selected scene, use the Transcript tab to edit! Click on the green handlebars        and drag over the desired words. It’s that easy!

Adjust your timeline by editing the transcript

editing the transcript.gif

To create a new shot use the            button to select the word you'd like to include in the new shot. 

new shot shorter

To delete a shot, smash the handlebars together! And just like that, gone!

deleting a shot.gif
Fine Tune Your Timing

Adding and Adjusting Closed Captions

Note that right now all visual adjustments are applied globally to captions. We're looking into offering even more text options, both captions and otherwise, in the near future—let us know what you'd like to see!

Easily correct any text in a shot:

correct cc cropped
Closed Captions

Adding the final touches

Now it’s time to refine your shots before sending your Augie off into the world. Click on the shot you'd like to refine via the timeline and then use the tools under Visual Effects to get everything looking just right. Here’s what you can do right now in the beta:

Filter: Yup, you can make your photos all Instagram-y now if you want. Who doesn’t love a nice sepia…

Movement: If the still image feels just a little bit too still, add your own Ken Burns effect! And if you don’t know who Ken Burns is, we suggest starting with his Brooklyn Bridge documentary.

Placement: If you uploaded a video file originally, here you can adjust how each video clip exists alongside the generated assets

burns.gif (57).gif

Looking for more finesse and flair? Let us know what you’d like to see by messaging us on Discord! We are constantly building more tools to make your Augie ✨shine✨.

  • Discord


Final Touches

Exporting your very first Augie

You did it! Yay!

Now all that’s left is to export your creation. 


Give your Augie one last look to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Then, above the preview window, click on the Generate Video button. You’ll be sent back to the Augie dashboard while our robots compile everything. Once it’s ready to go, click on the download button next to the project. And that’s it! 


Now, onto the next one!

Exporting Your Augie
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