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8/30/22 • We Got This Covered

How Moviedle is more than just a Wordle Clone, and Creator Jeremy's Toeman's New Partnership with Likewise TV

7/30/22 • ecoustics

Likewise TV Expands its Search Service with Likewise Arcade

7/27/22 • Geekwire

Startup’s ‘Likewise Arcade’ taps into ‘Wordle’-style popularity to gamify streaming TV and movies

7/27/22 • Protocol

How I Decided Not to Pivot

5/24/22 • CNET

Name That Ride is Like Wordle for Car Fans

5/12/22 • The Evening Standard

Wordle spin-off games: Quordle, Heardle, Lewdle, Moviedle, Taylordle and more

4/26/22 • Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shotgun

Moviedle is a Wordle-Like that Condenses a Movie Down to a Single Second

4/25/22 • The Independent

Moviedle: The new version of Wordle -- But for Film Fans

4/18/22 • New York Post

From Foodle to Framed: Wordle has some serious game competition now

4/14/22 • We Got This Covered

Self-Professed Game Nerd, Jeremy Toeman, Created Moviedle for Cinephiles Who are Also Game Nerds

4/13/22 • Screenrant

Moviedle is a New Wordle-Like Game for Movie Fans

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