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Level up your social media presence with video

Augie allows you to create effective social-ready videos within minutes!


Why Augie?



Augie's uses AI to help you find visuals, plus its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and use.



Augie makes videos in a matter of minutes, enabling you to stay up-to-date and quickly address trends.



Augie lets you optimize your videos' visual content for different audiences and different social-media platforms.

What people are saying...

Don't just take our word for it - hear it from our users! Our video editing tool has helped countless creators save time and produce high-quality videos that exceed their expectations.

Join the ranks of our satisfied users and experience the power of our video creation tool for yourself. 

"With Augie I can finally produce a quality video without all the blood sweat and tears just to have a final product that feels inadequate. Augie is easy to use and the output is great. Now I can make videos for almost any occasion.”

David Cohn, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Subtext

Impact of using Augie for social media

48% More Views

Social media posts with video have 48% more views

92% Share Video

92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others

93% New Customer

93% of businesses say they've gained a customer due to a video on social media

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