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The Story…

When some folks were learning to bake bread, or new languages, or started podcasting (oops, guilty there too), I decided to try my hand at learning some basic video editing skills. I had access to all the best tools, and I even had a narration in hand for my video. After a few weeks of trying self-paced tutorials, I gave up in frustration. And I started wondering, “Why is it so hard to learn how to make good-looking videos?”

Thinking again of the voiceover I had recorded, I turned to a friend, and asked “could we make a thing that could just listen to the words and automatically match to images and clips with the right metadata?” Scott was hooked, and when he built the first working prototype, not only did JT jump right in as a cofounder, our first few angel investors signed up as well. We put together a truly stellar team, and got the prototype into working shape.


Next, we started putting the product in peoples’ hands, to learn what they wanted, what they needed from video creation software. We learned one thing very quickly - automated video creation is an amazing vision, but not a short term product reality. Our testers wanted some control, the ability to customize what the AI was doing, to fine-tune it to meet their vision, their brand, their message. So we built that. We literally reinvented the video production workflow - only we removed 80% of the laborious tasks.


Meet Augie - the fastest and easiest way to turn your words into video!

Key Stats:

Launch Date: May 2, 2023

Team Size: 12

Location: Remote


12/8/22 • The Video Insiders

11/3/22 • Protocol

AI Video Creation

10/31/22 • VentureBeat

Aug X Labs raises $1M for AI-based video tool for content creators

8/30/22 • We Got This Covered

How Moviedle is more than just a Wordle Clone, and Creator Jeremy's Toeman's New Partnership with Likewise TV

7/30/22 • ecoustics

Likewise TV Expands its Search Service with Likewise Arcade

7/27/22 • Geekwire

Startup’s ‘Likewise Arcade’ taps into ‘Wordle’-style popularity to gamify streaming TV and movies

7/27/22 • Protocol

How I Decided Not to Pivot

5/24/22 • CNET

Name That Ride is Like Wordle for Car Fans

5/12/22 • The Evening Standard

Wordle spin-off games: Quordle, Heardle, Lewdle, Moviedle, Taylordle and more

4/26/22 • Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shotgun

Moviedle is a Wordle-Like that Condenses a Movie Down to a Single Second

4/25/22 • The Independent

Moviedle: The new version of Wordle -- But for Film Fans

4/18/22 • New York Post

From Foodle to Framed: Wordle has some serious game competition now

4/14/22 • We Got This Covered

Self-Professed Game Nerd, Jeremy Toeman, Created Moviedle for Cinephiles Who are Also Game Nerds

4/13/22 • Screenrant

Moviedle is a New Wordle-Like Game for Movie Fans

What people are saying...

Don't just take our word for it - hear it from our users! Our video editing tool has helped countless creators save time and produce high-quality videos that exceed their expectations.

Join the ranks of our satisfied users and experience the power of our video creation tool for yourself. 

"With Augie I can finally produce a quality video without all the blood sweat and tears just to have a final product that feels inadequate. Augie is easy to use and the output is great. Now I can make videos for almost any occasion.”

David Cohn, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Subtext

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