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Don't have the time or the team team to use Augie but KNOW you need video? No problem, the Aug X content creator team can help. For a fraction of the cost of professional video creators, just follow the steps below and our team will create videos for you in Augie for you to edit and download for use. Let the creation begin!



Initial Consultation

Work with an Aug X team member to establish your vibe. Who are you making videos for? What are your brand guidelines? Certain fonts? Colors? Graphics? We will work with you to get all the standard fair sorted so we can ensure your videos are what you are looking for. 


Account Configuration

After identifying what kind of assets we need, we will work with you to pre-load your account with all your owned media in advance. By ensuring your library is full it will speed up our process and provide you easy editing for last minute changes. 


Creation Request

With your brand understood, your audience defined and your account fully loaded, we will deliver your custom "Video Creation Request" template. You'll use this form whenever you need a video created. 

Creating / Retrieving a Video


Tell us the deets!

On your Creation Request form you will include your video / audio / script to our team, along with any special images or logos you want to use and any special requests for this particular video. 


Sit Back & Relax!

That's it! Now just sit back and drink your coffee while we make the video for you! It shouldn't take too long, but we will send you an update once it's ready! We guarantee 2 business day turn around time from acceptance of the Creation Request. 


Edit & Download

Your video is delivered to your Augie dashboard as soon as its ready! From there, you can edit it and make any tweaks you may need, or download directly!

Choose your plan:

Don't see a plan that works for you?
Contact us and let's chat!

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